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4 Signs Your Computer Needs a Spring Tune-up

Automobile enthusiasts routinely tune-up their vehicles, cyclists tune-up their bicycles, and most of us regularly have a dentist check our teeth. Perhaps it’s time to give your computer a little love? As spring fever hits the nation, be sure to add a computer tune-up to your spring-cleaning task list. Guaranteed, a little proactive maintenance can help prevent future disasters.

4 Signs Your Computer Needs Tuning:

  • Your computer is running slow. While there are countless reasons for slow speeds, such as insufficient memory or failing hardware, often clearing your Browsing history and tidying up your Windows registry may be the first step to improved performance.

  • You are receiving error messages. While it may be tempting to ignore an error message, in our experience, the problems don’t magically fix themselves. Let RW Networks Inc. find the error and resolve it.

  • Unusually long start-up and shutdown times. Sometimes computers can become bogged down with unnecessary program files. Essentially, these are harmless, but over time they will impact system performance. Defragmenting your hard drive and/or cleaning the registry will purge these unwanted program files.

  • Your computer crashes and you don’t know why. Let us take the guess work out of your crash!

The RW Networks Inc. Spring Tune-up includes:

  • Data backup

  • Perform all program updates

  • Check your hard drive for errors

  • Run a full virus and malware scan

  • Delete unnecessary files

  • Uninstall unused and unwanted programs

  • Defragment your hard drive

  • Confirm your anti-virus software

Additionally, we will provide recommendations for enhanced performance and future hardware/software components.

Book your tune-up now and enjoy the spring flowers knowing your data is protected ... and yes we repair Mac's and PC's!


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