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5 Reasons Your Computer May Be Slow

... and what you can do about it.

There is no doubt about it. A slow computer makes even the simplest task extremely frustrating. Fortunately, we can offer several solutions to increase speed and improve performance. However, identifying the issue is the first step.

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Your operating system manages all of the resources of your computer including, memory, drive space, processing power and all of your programs. Consequently, there are many factors that may impact your computer’s performance, but usually, it boils down to inefficient use of your PC’s resources.

When troubleshooting for our clients, we ask:

  1. Do you have enough RAM – Random Access Memory?

  2. Is your hard drive full or near full?

  3. Are you being impacted by malware or viruses?

  4. What Browser Extensions have you installed?

  5. Have you fallen behind with your updates?

Of course, identifying the speed sucking culprit is crucial, but what corrections can we implement to enhance performance? We recommend the following:

  1. Simple as it sounds – restart your computer.

  2. Clean your hard drive

  3. Defragment your hard drive

  4. Disable background programs

  5. Disable start-up programs

  6. Perform a malware and virus scan

  7. Upgrade your memory

  8. Upgrade your hard drive

  9. Install system updates

  10. Reinstall Windows


Feeling a little overwhelmed? No worries. In one simple click, schedule a remote support session with the RW Networks Tech Team and take the first step to increasing your speed and more importantly decreasing your frustration.


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