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6 Ways to Fight Cyber Fraud

The fight against fraud starts with you. Learn to recognize, avoid and report cybercrime.

From bank investigators and Covid-19 counterfeit vaccines to foreign money offers the list of trending scams is extensive. According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, a staggering total of 106.4 million dollars were lost to fraudsters in 2020.

Scammers will contact their victims using a variety of methods including email and text messages, websites and social media platforms and of course good old-fashioned letter mail.

Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is. Protect yourself:

  • Just say NO to high-pressure sales tactics

  • Do your research and verify the legitimacy of organizations asking for your money

  • Don't give out personal information

  • Beware of upfront fees

Additionally, take cybersecurity seriously. Protect your computer and your online accounts.

  1. install anti-virus software

  2. keep your operating system up to date

  3. create strong passwords

  4. consider using a password manager

  5. enable multi-factor authentication

  6. review your social media privacy settings regularly

Wondering how to report fraud? The RCMP is currently partnering with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and the Canadian Digital Service to create a new cybercrime and fraud reporting system.

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