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850 Reasons to Purchase an E-Bike

There’s no doubt about it – mark our words, e-bikes are here to stay. First seen as a novelty, and perhaps a two-wheeled alternative designed specifically for the aging Boomer set, e-bikes are making dents into the mainstream cycling community.

Naturally, electric bicycles offer the same terrific benefits as a traditional bike; improved health and fitness, a connection to community and extra pennies in the bank. After all, there are no licensing or insurance costs and absolutely no surprises at the gas pump. Take it a step further, and on a hilly ride when faced with vicious headwinds, the advantages of riding an e-bike are self-explanatory.

From a technological perspective, the battery design and power electronics are improving in leaps and bounds, and consequently, e-bikes are becoming significantly lighter and more efficient. And if that isn’t enough for you, we have 850 additional reasons you might be interested in parking the gas guzzler, decommissioning the traditional bicycle and transitioning to an electric bike.

Drum roll, please!

Let us introduce you to SCRAP-IT, BC’s voluntary early retirement vehicle program. Scrap-it offers a wide variety of reasons to scrap high polluting vehicles for an electric vehicle and other low carbon forms of transportation. In 2019 SCRAP-IT was able to offer residents of British Columbia 1,500 incentives towards the purchase of new and used electric vehicles.

In addition to electric vehicle enticements, Scrap-it also has incentives for:

  • Car share credits

  • BC Transit passes

  • Cash

  • …and you guessed it electric bikes

Basically, with the Ebike program, you can trade-in your car for recycling and receive $850.00 off the purchase of your new trendy e-bike. That’s right Eight Hundred and Fifty Dollars.

Ready to claim?


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