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Apple for the Teacher?

Rob Weiss, President of RW Networks Inc. holding an Apple laptop
You can't go wrong with an Apple for the teacher ... or the student in your life.

Despite the calendar reading July 25th, the Back to School season is already upon us and quickly ramping up. Touted by many parents to be the most wonderful time of the year, in our “techie world” back to school usually means exceptional deals on computers, mobile devices, apps and other related technology products.

True to form, Apple has just announced fabulous back to school pricing. If you have a post secondary student in your life, these deals are a must see!

  • MacBook Air from $1319

  • 13 inch MacBook Pro from $1569

  • 15 inch MacBook Pro from $2809

  • iMac from $1329

  • iMac Pro from $5789

Both students and teachers qualify for the Apple education discount. Simply sign in to your institution’s store and load up your cart!

Here’s a quick peek at qualify institutions in Surrey and Courtenay, BC:

List of Surrey schools qualified for Apple educational pricing

comox valley school qualified for Apple educational pricing

Additionally, as part of the Back to School promotion, Apple is offering a 20% discount on Apple Care, their extended warranty and technical support plan. To further sweeten the pot qualifying students are eligible for a free six-month subscription to Apple Music and a deal of an ongoing monthly student rate once the trial ends.

Of course, with so many options on the market today, shopping for a new computer can feel overwhelming. Comparing retinal displays, processors, memory, storage, battery life, graphics cards, weight, cameras, keyboards, audio components etc. is at times mind-boggling. Great news! RW Networks Inc. is here to help. Book a consult with Rob to review your current system and discuss your future technology wish list. Rob will provide a detailed recommendation to meet both your technology requirements and your budget.


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