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Apple’s Digital Wellness Plan – will it save us from ourselves?

This week during it’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced a series of new controls as part of their Digital Wellness Initiative. Are you wondering what Digital Wellness means? So were we.

Basically, Apple is exploring ways to combat the ever growing malady known as screen addiction. Recognizing that many of us can’t simply unplug or turn-off, developers are introducing a wide range of features and controls aimed at helping you and yours manage your screen time.

Apple’s Digital Wellness campaign begins with an upgraded Do Not Disturb feature which will include a new morning wake-up screen, bare of notifications, which is designed to gently welcome you to your day. Enhanced notification management and support for grouping notifications by app, topic and thread are in the works as a means to reduce the number of notifications users receive and the psychological need to look and respond to every ding and bell in fear that you might miss out.

Additionally, the comprehensive suite of new features will allow you to:

  • Monitor how much time you spend on your devices

  • Set time limits on app usage

  • Control the distraction of notifications

  • Control your children’s device usage

With the upgraded and enhanced reporting feature you will be able to view your weekly activity summary and at a glance understand how much time you spent on your iPad and iPhone.

Of course, the question we must all ask, will it be enough? Are you prepared to put the phone down?


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