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Are PC’s safer to use than Mac’s?

You’ve heard of the State of the Union Address, but have you heard of the 2020 State of Malware Report? Likely not.

Basically, the hardworking tech gurus at Malwarebytes labs collected copious amounts of data and conducted extensive research to investigate the top threats delivered by cybercriminals to both home users and businesses over the course of a year. The data was crunched with surprising results. Mac users need to stand up and take note.

keyboard and apple computer
Mac users take note

Surprisingly to many, the 2020 report shows Mac soaring ahead of Windows with respect to the average number of threats. Granted, Mac has improved their market share dramatically in recent years. Consequently, with more units on the market, they are more attractive targets for cybercriminals. Hence the surge.

Overall, consumer threat detections are down. Unfortunately, business threats increased dramatically, with sophisticated and diverse threats aimed at disrupting critical infrastructure.Overall, adware and ransomware continue to plaque both consumer and business users across all platforms.

The good news? It is possible and prudent to implement steps to protect yourself and your data.

We are pleased to share this list of security solutions compiled by PC Magazine and of course, should you wish to implement any of the antivirus protection programs, we are happy to assist:

Interested in learning more? Dive deeper into the land of cybercrime by access the full State of Malware report here.


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