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Are you Cyber Secure?

October is Cyber Security Month. Do you know how to protect yourself and your business against cyber scams? Now’s the time to get Cyber Safe!

As scammers and hackers become more sophisticated, so do online scams. It’s important to remember that most scams play upon basic human qualities like fear, vanity and greed. While technology may have advanced over the years, the traditional con's mode of operation remains the same.

Take a deep breath, be vigilant and watch for:

  • Messages that say you are in danger unless you download a specific application or program

  • Online offers that seem too good to be true. Before clicking, conduct independent research to verify the offer

  • Emails claiming there is a problem with your bank or credit card account, especially those asking you to confirm account information

  • Charity scammers taking advantage of recent natural disasters

  • Phishing Emails that appear to be from an organization you trust asking for personal banking information

What’s Phishing you ask?

Interested in learning more?

Check out the new Canadian Centre for Cyber Security website. From alerts and advisories to a Learning and Innovation Hub the site is the start of a new federal approach to cyber security in Canada … and of course, when unsure about a phishy looking email or tech support pop-up call us. We are ready to help!


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