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Time for a Check-up? 5 Reasons Babylon Virtual Care may be exactly what the Doctor ordered.

Frustrated by long lineups at walk-in clinics? Worried about overcrowding in emergency rooms? Unable to find a family Doctor?

Ready to embrace digital health applications and virtual care apps?

If so, it may be time to consider Babylon by Telus – a free healthcare mobile app that allows you to check symptoms, consult with Doctors and access your health records all from your smartphone.

With a 4.9 star app store rating Babylon will:

  1. Check your symptoms – the Babylon chat-style AI driven symptom checker asks you questions about your symptoms and makes suggestions on possible courses of action.

  2. Book a video session, in essence, a virtual house call, with a licensed doctor, even on evenings and weekends.

  3. Provide your prescription or referral for further testing directly through the app.

  4. Sessions are covered under your BC Medical Services Plan.

  5. Babylon by Telus Health app is free.

Times are changing! Not just a source for telecommunication products, Telus is now Canada’s largest healthcare information technology company and while Babylon is innovative and timely with respect to our current Doctor shortages, experts are urging caution. Granted, Babylon is a step up from “Dr. Google” however, users of the app should be warned that when you submit details about your symptoms in the app, the information returned to you is general health information, and not a substitute for advice from a doctor or health care professional. However, naysayers aside, Babylon is absolutely a convenient way to see a doctor for a wide variety of many non-emergency conditions.

Ready to book a session? The app can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Need support to download the app? Take 2 aspirin and call RW Networks in the morning.


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