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BC Super Week – What’s Your Internet Speed?

It’s BC SuperWeek, and cycling fans across the province are talking SPEED! One of the most prestigious Pro Cycling events in North America, BC SuperWeek is comprised of nine races over ten days. Some of the best riders in the land compete for over $140,000 in prize money. The action is intense and spine chilling!

Inspired by the speed of the Silber Pro Cycling team, our techy brains naturally turned to the thought of speed and how it impacts our customers. Do you know what your upload and download speeds are, and why should you care?

The speed of your internet connection will impact your online experience. Typically defined in terms of megabits per second for uploading and downloading data, internet speed can be slowed or impacted by:

  • The age of your computer

  • The age of your modem

  • The distance you are from your wireless router

  • The number of devices you are using

  • The number of people accessing the same site – think House of Cards when the new series launches

  • Your connection

Internet providers offer tools on their websites to test your internet speed. For example, Shaw offers an online Speed Test. To get started, visit

Interested in improving your speeds. Give us a call!

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