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We Love to Laugh

Month-end for small businesses. A time to process payroll, review profits and losses, inventory levels, receivables, and identify upcoming sales prospects. In addition to the long list of accounting type tasks, in the world of digital marketing, month-end also means reviewing website analytics and analyzing customer engagement across social media channels. In our case, when diving deep into our data (truthfully, we didn’t need to dive that deep) we discovered our best client engagement across all social media channels revolved around fun and silly posts.

Despite our best and perhaps misguided efforts to share timely tech tips and breaking news from the land of information technology, we discovered our most effective and engaging posts are usually non-tech related and “light.” Quickly, we realized that we have underestimated the power and perhaps the need for humour in the workplace.

Scientifically, it has been proven that humour has a transformative effect on mental health, creativity, behaviour, and our sense of feeling connected or close to each other. Not only that, laughter may help improve our immune systems, relieve pain, and improve overall mood.

Granted, it may be extremely difficult to giggle when your computer crashes, and while laughter may lift your spirits and soothe your soul, it won’t repair your computer. Consequently, we promise to main the help desk and answer your emails and texts. We are also committed to staying abreast of technology trends on your behalf, but we will also strive to find the humour in it.

After all ….

Knock Knock

Who’s There


Yah Who

Noooo! Thanks, we prefer Google.


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