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BlueCurve from Shaw

Are you a self-confessed “control-freak” or perhaps concerned about your family and their screen time? If so, BlueCurve from Shaw may be everything you have been looking for in a network management tool. From wall to wall coverage to a hub for all of your smart devices, BlueCurve is the new home WiFi experience. Simply configure profiles for your family members and all of their devices. Using these preset profiles you are able to manage how and when people connect to your home network. Parents will be thrilled to learn you can even block a video game console from the internet while keeping the “homework” computer online.

BlueCurve home introduces several features designed to help you personalize and control your home network from anywhere. These include:

  • BlueCurve app allows you to change your network name and password

  • Create and manage profiles

  • Group devices

  • Manage devices

  • Configure parental controls

  • Schedule internet access with the bedtime mode feature

  • Pause internet access

  • Check network activity

  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues

  • Configure advanced settings such as port forwarding

  • Configure BlueCurve pods

To take advantage of this innovative digital dashboard, Shaw subscribers will need to upgrade to a BlueCurve Gateway. This new hub combines the power of a modem and router to deliver your new Wifi experience. Promising faster speeds, better coverage, more control, and dual band technology to double your bandwidth. Once the gateway is installed your free Shaw BlueCurve Home app can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play.

Ready to upgrade? Contact Shaw. Need support? Contact RW Networks Inc.


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