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Buckle Up! It’s time to explore Prague.

Prague, Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam.

Chances are these iconic cities rank high on your pre-Covid travel bucket list. While our collective wanderlust plans may currently be on hold, you still have an opportunity to jump in your virtual car, crank the radio and tour the sights of famous cities around the world thanks to a fun, innovative and imaginative app.

Drive & Listen allows armchair travellers an opportunity to venture abroad from the comfort of their living rooms. Without packing a bag, you can tour exciting destinations like New York, London, Beijing and Istanbul. By creatively integrating YouTube and Dashcam footage, the creator of the Drive & Listen app seemingly transports you around the world with a simple click.

To enhance the experience, users can adjust the speed of the drive, add road sounds and even select local radio stations. Simply stated, this app may inspire us all to plan our post-Covid holidays or at the very least be a creative way to simulate a morning commute.


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