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Chatgpt, AI and Dr. Seuss

We find ourselves fascinated by the incredible advancements in Artificial Intelligence. Today, for our blog we challenged the ChatGPT chatbot to write the history of Apple's operating systems using the voice of Dr. Seuss. What do you think? Do you imagine the Lorax is rolling his eyes?

Oh, the history of Apple's operating systems,

Is a story that's quite interesting and fun.

From the very first one, to the latest and greatest,

Let's take a journey and see what's been done.

It all started with Macintosh System 1,

A revolutionary new way to compute.

With a graphical user interface,

It made computing a breeze, that's cute.

Then came Macintosh System 2 and 3,

With new features and improvements galore.

But it wasn't until System 7,

That Apple really began to soar.

With System 7, Apple introduced Macintosh,

Which brought color to the screen.

It also introduced Macintosh LC,

A computer that was lean and mean.

Next came Mac OS 8 and 9,

Which brought even more features to the table.

But it wasn't until Mac OS X,

That Apple really began to able.

Mac OS X was a completely new OS,

Built on a UNIX foundation.

It introduced a new look and feel,

And set a new standard for computation.

With Mac OS X came new versions,

Like Panther, Tiger, and Leopard.

Each one brought new features and improvements,

That made computing better and neater.

Then came Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion,

Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra and High Sierra.

Now, we have the latest and greatest,

MacOS Big Sur, which brings new design,

New gizmos and gadgets,

That make computing even more fine.

So, there you have it, the history of Apple's operating systems,

A journey through time and space.

From Macintosh System 1 to MacOS Big Sur,

Apple's computing has kept pace.


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