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Data Overload?

Struggling to manage your data usage? Find yourself frequently going over your monthly limits? You may be shocked to learn that Facebook alone can suck up approximately 80MB of data per hour. Is your curiosity piqued? Check out this overview of application bandwidth estimates:

For the budget conscious, here are a few simple and easy to follow tips designed to help you manage your data usage:

  • Double check to make sure you are downloading apps, games, music and podcasts on Wi-Fi only

  • Try and save your streaming for Wi-Fi

  • Set your email accounts for manual download and if your smartphone gives you the option, try downloading your messages without images or attachments

  • Turn off your push notifications

  • Turn off location

  • Turn off cellular data when you don’t need it – you can still get calls and texts, without worrying about an app connecting when you aren’t looking!

Of course, there are several apps on the market designed to help you manage your data consumption, which in turn should save you money. Ironically you need to download them! .. and so, the data usage cycle continues.

Now if your Wi-Fi is on overload? Give us a call.

Lower Mainland: 604-538-5424

Comox Valley: 250-871-1387


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