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Penguin Marches and Heart Rates

Is digital health making a difference? Arguably, digital health tools are changing the way we think about fitness, health and diet. Furthermore, advances in ehealth technology are altering our relationships with health care providers. As Canadians, we enjoy universal access to an impressive health care system and digital health is rapidly transforming the delivery of this care across the country. Simply put digital health helps us all access better quality care, more efficiently. From electronic health records to remote patient care technology and virtual doctor visits, Canada’s health Infoway is impressive.

Screenshot of March of the Penguins Badge
March of the Penguins Badge

From our lens, when we imagine Digital Health we think more simply. Fitness and Wellness Apps including, Fitbit, Samsung Health, and My Fitness Pal come to mind. In addition to monitoring vital stats, these apps provide ample opportunity for FUN! Challenge yourself, your friends, build team and build community. Recently, Rob proudly earned his March of the Penguins badge, something to celebrate and certainly “fridge-worthy”!

Picture of heart rate readout from Fitbit Charge 3
Heart rate reading from Fitbit Charge 3

Last weekend, RW Networks Inc. put the Fitbit Charge 3 to the test. Bravely, we hit the slopes at Mount Washington Alpine Resort with a brood of Mighty Tot skiers in tow for a full day of downhill ski instruction. Take a peek at our heart rate stats...can you guess when class started and finished?

Moral of the story and best articulated by the team at Better Health Together; consider the following list of tips when choosing the best health app for you:

  • Your Condition – make sure the app is the right fit for your condition and wellness goals

  • Ease of Use – truthfully, if the app is cumbersome, you probably won’t use it. Do your homework and be realistic about the apps “user-friendliness”

  • Effectiveness – check the reviews for insights

  • Privacy – understand the privacy policies. Medical information should remain confidential

  • Safe – always be mindful of your medical history and conditions.

Questions about Fitness Apps and Digital Health? Contact RW Networks Inc.


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