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Do you feel the need for speed?

Years ago, a wise, veteran Sales Manager shared a wonderful insight with us, and one that we frequently revisit. With great pomp and circumstance, he professed, “the trend is your friend, always be mindful.” Well, truth be told, in today’s ever-changing, and evolving technology market it can be challenging to identify, qualify and successfully follow trends. However, as our clients demand improved performance from their computers, we find ourselves immersed in the land of the Solid-State Drive.

What is a Solid State Drive you ask? Basically, a Solid-State Drive or SSD is a type of storage drive. It performs a function like that of a hard drive, but uses different technology. By utilizing flash memory to store data, as a USB drive does, data is accessed digitally. Consequently, SSDs deliver almost instant boot and load times.

Why would you want a Solid State Drive?

  • Faster everything

  • Speedy multitasking

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Improved system cooling

  • Less fan noise

  • Improved durability and reliability

  • Flexible Storage

  • Better Gaming

  • Easy installation

So, we must ask, do you feel the need for speed? Call now to schedule your SSD upgrade.


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