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Don't Leave Home Without Chrome

Do you find yourself juggling several devices throughout your work day? From phones, to laptops, desktops and tablets many of us are attempting to work from several different devices. Did you know Google Chrome lets you bring your personalized Browser features such as bookmarks, apps and chrome extensions with you? It’s true! By signing in to Google Chrome you can have the same web experience wherever you go. The sync is automatic, fast and encrypted – meaning your data is secure.

As an added bonus, should your device break or be stolen, you can recover your bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings simply by signing in to Chrome again on your new phone or computer. Additionally, when you log in to Chrome, you are signed in to other Google Services like Gmail and YouTube.

Of course, you want to be safe when using Chrome. Never login to Chrome when utilizing a public computer. Remember, your data is stored on the computer you are using when you sign in. Other folk who use that same desktop may be able to see your “stuff.”

Check out this video clip and get ready to Sync!


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