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Running on Empty

Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are coming, but it appears they may have some healthy competition. With growing concerns about the automotive industry’s impact on the environment via carbon emissions, vehicle owners are seeking alternative energy solutions in a quest for improved sustainability.

Wondering what your choices might be?

Currently, options include:

  • Hydrogen – used to power fuel cell electric vehicles

  • Electric – a highly efficient energy source, with infrastructure already in place

  • Biodiesel – imagine vegetable oil, animal fat and recycled McDonald’s restaurant grease

  • Ethanol – alcohol-based fuel made of renewable materials such as corn, barley and wheat

  • Natural Gas – compressed and liquefied natural gas options

  • Propane – domestically available

We could debate the pros and cons of each alternative fuel source, and whether these solutions are more sustainable than traditional gas and diesel fuel, but our wheelhouse is technology, so without further ado, here is your tech tip:

Simply visit the website, plug in a location (notice what we did there?) and presto – a list of alternative fuel stations will appear.

Our first test took us to Shelter Point Distillery – which in addition to producing fabulous whisky is also a Tesla destination. Who knew?


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