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Eurovelo 2017 - Cycling London to Paris and beyond?

Best laid plans!  

To say this is a well-planned and thought out bike tour itinerary would be a complete falsehood. Certainly, we did make attempts to study maps and plan routes, but the more we researched cycle touring opportunities in Europe, the more excited we became about tapping into local knowledge and "winging it" or "spinning it" so to speak.

With that said, we plan to arrive in Gatwick early May with the goal of cycling from London to Paris following the Avenue Verte London - Paris bike route. Imagine a signposted route connecting these two iconic cities. Hopefully, not too good to be true!

Beyond that - well, we will embrace European culture and leave our route in the hands of the cycling Gods.  36 days, 2 Opus Bikes, 1 tent, a coffee pot and countless countries and bike paths to explore.

Hip, Hip, Hooray and Vive la France!

picture of ice cream cones in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Vive la France!


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