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Everything You Need to Know About Remote Support for Your Mobile Devices

As many of our clients move away from traditional desktop computers to mobile devices we are noticing a sharp increase in calls requesting support for mobile device configuration. Common requests include support for:

  • Email setup

  • Program setup

  • iCloud setup and sync

  • Gmail and Android setup

  • Telus GSuite migration on iPhone

  • Shaw Mail setup

  • Domain specific email setup

To meet the demand for mobile device support we are pleased to announce, the RW Networks Help Desk now features remote access technology specifically designed to service iPhones, Ipads and Android devices. You’ve grown accustomed to our remote support service for your computers and tablets. Now you can enjoy the same level of support for your mobile devices.


We utilize Splashtop, a best in class and award-winning provider of remote access and support solutions.

Thanks to these advances in remote access technology, we can now view your screen in real time, and provide support to get your devices up and running.

To begin, we will ask you to download and run the Splashtop SOS app to generate a secure session code. Once connected, we can view your screen and address your tech questions.

Fast and secure – Splashtop helps us make remote support simple!

Ready to begin? Contact RW Networks Inc.


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