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Explosion of the G2G Market

One look at your LinkedIn feed and guaranteed you will be inundated with posts discussing the pros and cons of B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. Experience shows that these are two distinct markets and their differences run deep. Experienced marketers carefully tailor their messages to address the needs of their clients. While all this holds true, here at RW Networks, we have experienced an explosion in a new and dynamic business sector – the G2G market.

What’s G2G you ask? Simply stated, G2G is the Grandparent2Grandkid connection. Over the years, we have seen substantial growth in the number of seniors who are both embracing and excelling on the tech front. Technology is bridging the generational communication gap. From FaceTime to Skype, Instagram to Snapchat, our “seasoned” clients are eagerly adopting new and evolving technologies to keep abreast with their grandchildren, and their digital relationships are thriving. Of course, a smiley emoji will never replace a hug, but it may help tide your family over until you meet again in person.

Looking for a great return? Look no further than the G2G market – investing here guarantees huge dividends! Need help to get started? Give us a call.


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