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Big Brother is Watching - What does Facebook Know about You?

Fake news, conspiracy theories and a global pandemic have us all questioning the content we are served via social media. Now, more than ever, we should be focused on data privacy and online security. At RW Networks, we strive to stay abreast of emerging security trends and products like antivirus and malware utilities. However, as a small business we also rely heavily on social media to connect to our clients and deliver our message. We have a basic love/hate relationship with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The devil you know so to speak.

facebook security settings

During a recent security audit of our personal accounts, we were surprised, actually a little shocked, when we downloaded our Facebook data and discovered what the social media giant knows about us. From every message we have exchanged on Messenger to posts, comments and pages we have liked or reacted to, the data is there! Without exaggeration, every post we ever made on Facebook is archived - imagine your timeline on steroids.

Facebook knows our friends.

Facebook knows every ad we clicked on.

Facebook has our photos and videos.

Facebook has an impeccable memory, and truth be told, we can’t complain. After all we willingly posted, shared and commented.

Wondering what Big Brother knows about you? Here’s how to download your archive.

Log in to Facebook and select settings and privacy from the drop down menu.

Select settings

Select Your Facebook Information

You can now view or download your Facebook Information

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