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Fietsknoop – When Tech & Play Mix

Although, technology is the heart of our business, when on vacation, we diligently attempt to unplug and play. A techno break so to speak! Wholeheartedly believing in the value of local knowledge we find "disconnecting" is the best way to facilitate personal interactions and truly experience local culture. Consequently, we attempt to travel device free as much as possible, relying on old-fashioned social interactions for route, accommodation and meal planning advice.

However, last year, while cycling in The Netherlands, we stumbled upon a fantastic app that brings together the best in technology and recreation. Highly recommended by locals, the app utilizes the Netherlands’ incredible bike node system and helps you plan a personalized cycling route. Well, if you can beat ‘em, join ‘em. We took local recommendations to heart and downloaded Fietsknoop! We were not disappointed.

This terrific route planning app is available in Dutch, English, German and French, and can be utilized on your desktop, laptop or smartphone. Incorporating both shorter regional routes and longer national cycling routes, Fietsknoop is the way to discover the Netherlands by bike … all 26,000 routes! Perhaps a good reason to plug back in?


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