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Sharing is Caring – Happy Valentine’s Day

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File Sharing on Valentine's Day

Romance is in the air!

Wine, chocolate and intimate dinners for two marks Valentine’s day, our annual celebration of love. At RW Networks Inc., we adore love, and what better way to express “geek-love” than a good, old-fashioned file sharing platform. For those who believe that sharing is caring, here is our list of a few trusted and tested file sharing options on the market today:

DropBox – this file hosting service offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud and client software. Companies will enjoy the added features of the Dropbox For Business offering.

GoogleDrive – Safely store and share photos, videos and files in the cloud and synch across your devices. As an added bonus, your first 15 GB of storage is free.

Microsoft OneDrive – part of the Microsoft Suite of Office Online Services, OneDrive enables you to easily backup, store and share photos, videos, documents and more – anywhere on any device. As an added bonus, the OneDrive app lets you easily work with your files while you are out and about.

Apple iCloud - are you a faithful Mac user? If so, you may already be paying for this file sharing service. - Passionate about maintaining your files in Canada? is the solution for those in the Great White North.

ShareFile from Citrix - a market leader in the B2B file sharing space, ShareFile is a robust solution that features mobile file editing and automated workflows.

Of course, this list is far from exclusive. From basic to enterprise-level services collaboration platforms abound. Wondering about the right solution for you? Give us a call and learn how to share large files easily, store files in the cloud, sync data across multiple devices and collaborate with colleagues, clients, friends and family. Happy Valentine's Day!


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