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Gmail - A Fresh New Look

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Change can be hard! It’s true, we are creatures of habit and when Google recently announced a fresh new look for Gmail, several of our customers felt an initial wave of fear and panic. Certainly, when faced with looming deadlines and full inboxes, the thought of a redesigned email platform can seem overwhelming. Adding insult to injury the redesigned interface is the biggest update to Gmail in years! Rest assured, the changes are fantastic, and we are confident you will enjoy many of the new features.

As an early adopter, we began playing with the latest version of Gmail this past spring. Several of the new features are designed to help you better manage your email. For example, with the new Gmail, users can:

  • Snooze an email until ready to reply. Literally postpone emails and temporarily remove them from your inbox until you need them.

  • Get reminded to follow up or respond to old emails. Yes, this AI powered feature will gently nudge you, reminding you that there is a message awaiting your attention.

  • Reply with a response automatically suggested based on the content of the email you received. This smart reply feature gives you the capability to save time by simply selecting a quick response. Perfect when reading and replying while on the run!

  • Use Gmail offline. Assuming you are using the new Gmail in a Chrome Browser, you will be able to search, write, delete and archive up to 90 days of messages while offline. Perfect for those times when working on the go without connectivity.

Not convinced? Procrastinators out there will be thrilled to learn that there is the option to “Go Back to Classic Gmail.” However, the respite will be temporary. All users will be permanently migrated to the new interface by mid-October.

Ready to migrate, but not quite confident to go at it alone? Help is just a click away ... and remember to ask us about the benefits of GSuite - Google's impressive suite of intelligent apps.


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