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Goodbye Google Plus

Years ago, in an attempt to dip their toes in the social networking space, and challenge Facebook head on, Google introduced Google Plus. Launched in 2011, the service never really gained broad adoption or engagement. In fact, 90 percent of Google Plus user sessions did not last longer than five seconds. Adding insult to injury, Google announced this week that they were victims of a massive data breach. A software bug in the Google Plus network exposed data belonging to hundreds of thousands of users.

Reeling from the discovery of the security bug and admitting that Google Plus has underperformed, Google announced that they will be closing down the Google Plus service over the next ten months. To avoid any further breaches and to secure your account, we recommend you take a few minutes and close your account. Here’s how:

Steps to Delete your Google Plus Account without deleting your Gmail:

  • Sign in to the correct profile

  • Go to settings

  • Scroll to the bottom, and find the option called DELETE your GOOGLE+ profile

Remember: Deleting your Google+ profile is permanent.

Need more support? Check out this help document from Google or give us a call.

Lower Mainland: 604-538-5424

Comox Valley: 250-871-1387


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