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Goodbye McAfee, Hello Choices: Navigating the Antivirus Seas

Ahoy there, Rogers/Shaw customers, tech enthusiasts and security-conscious netizens! It’s time to bid adieu to Rogers’ McAfee Internet Security as it sails into the sunset. But fear not, for the digital seas are teeming with antivirus options to keep your virtual ship afloat. Let’s navigate through the waters of Norton, McAfee, BitDefender, and Avast to find the treasure chest of protection for your small business and home computers.

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In fairness, Rogers/Shaw aren’t going to leave you adrift at sea. Their Ignite Internet with Advanced Security cyberthreat protection, activated in the HomeConnect app and included with a subscription to any Ignite Internet bundle, will monitor your network for threats in real time and send you alerts for suspicious activity. However, if you intend to chart your course for another antivirus product read on:

The McAfee Anchors Away

Effective June 20, 2024 Rogers has decided to cut ties with McAfee Internet Security. It’s like removing the training wheels from your first bicycle; scary at first, but it opens up a world of possibilities (and fewer scraped knees). If you’re feeling abandoned, remember that Windows 10 and 11 come equipped with their own defender, ready to parry malware with the best of them.

The Antivirus Armada

Now, let’s weigh anchor and set sail to explore our antivirus options:

Norton: The Sturdy Galleon


  • Norton is like the seasoned captain of the antivirus world; it’s been navigating the cyber seas for ages.

  • Offers a full-featured VPN, perfect for those who love to explore international digital waters.

  • Identity protection services are the lookout in the crow’s nest, keeping an eye out for identity thieves.


  • It can be a bit pricey, like paying for a first-class cabin on a luxury liner.

  • Some users report it can be heavy on system resources, akin to a galleon loaded with too much treasure.

McAfee: The Familiar Frigate


  • Best for multi-device protection; it’s like having a fleet of ships guarding your precious cargo.

  • A well-known name, like a flag that’s recognized in every port.


  • Some users find it to be bloatware, the equivalent of carrying unnecessary cargo that slows down your voyage.

BitDefender: The Speedy Schooner


  • Known for being lightweight and fast, like a schooner that can catch the wind and outrun pirates.

  • Offers a free version for those on a tight budget, akin to finding a chest of gold coins on the beach.


  • Advanced features come at a cost, much like hiring an experienced crew for treacherous journeys.

Avast: The Versatile Vessel


  • Scores best for remote workers, the digital equivalent of a ship that can navigate both river and open sea.

  • User-friendly interface, like a ship with a well-organized deck.


  • Some features are locked behind a paywall, similar to having parts of the ship off-limits unless you’re a paying passenger.

Charting Your Course

Choosing the right antivirus is like picking the right ship for your journey. Consider the size of your crew (devices), the cargo (data), and your destination (usage). Whether you’re a small business captain or a home computer helmsman, there’s a vessel out there that’s perfect for your needs.

So, weigh your options, hoist the sails, and may fair winds guide you to safe and secure digital shores!

Remember, mateys, the best antivirus is the one that suits your needs like a custom-made captain’s hat. So, choose wisely, protect your digital booty, and happy sailing!

Feeling lost at sea? RW Networks can help. Book your service call today.


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