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Google Map Features that will WOW you

Turn right in 100 metres.

Long gone is the bulky paper map. After all, do you know anyone who mastered the art of map folding? Fortunately, Google Maps has made it seamless to find local businesses, get directions and navigate our world faster and easier than ever before. Rich in functionality, Google Maps makes travelling around town a breeze!

Check out a few features you probably didn’t even realize you had:

See local Covid 19 Updates

  • Look for the alert on your Google Maps home screen. You will find relevant Covid-19 updates based on your current map view.

Google Maps Covid-19 Updates

Plot Multiple Locations

  • Simply select your starting point, and add multiple stops. You can drag and drop stops within your itinerary to select a preferred route.

google maps directions

Single Click direction finding

  • Enter your destination address OR simply click on your map. The GOOG responds with a drop-down list you can use for wayfinding.

single click directions in google maps

Save your Parking

  • You no longer need to wander aimlessly around parking garages, trying to remember where you left the car. On the Android app simply select Save Your Parking. Google will add a label to the Maps app, identifying your parking space.

Access Google Maps Offline

  • Google Maps now supports offline access. Perfect for those situations when you find yourself lost and without coverage.

Share Your Location

  • Determine who you would like to share your location information with. They will be able to track your icon moving in real-time on their map.

google maps location sharing

Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Search EV charging or EV charging station in Google Maps to find the nearest location to plug in.

Take a Stroll

  • Click on the “little man” affectionately known as “Peg Man” in the bottom right-hand corner of your map and drop him anywhere on your map. Voila, you are now in Street View.

From augmented reality to sending messages directly to businesses, Google Maps has much to offer.


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