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Google Workspace – New Name, New Logos but are you ready to embrace change?

CHANGE – arguably the mantra for 2020!

To quote Socrates, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

As our office spaces are transforming and the split between work and personal life is becoming increasingly blurred, Google is embracing and leading change with the introduction of Google Workspace (formerly GSuite).

Google Workspace means much more than a new brand identity. Initially, products like Gmail were created as individual apps, and we all happily embraced them. However, over the years, there was a demonstrated need to improve and integrate the product suite. Voila – Google Workspace! This new user experience brings together a wide variety of communication and collaboration tools including chat, email, voice and video calling and content management.

google workspace logos
Goodbye GSuite - Hello Workspace

Google Workspace includes all of the productivity tools you currently utilize – and now you can find them all in one place:

  • Custom email for your business

  • Gmail

  • Calendar

  • Docs

  • Sheets

  • Slides

  • Meet

  • Drive

Of course, storage, management and security needs vary from company to company and user to user. Consequently, Google is introducing a variety of plans ranging from the Business Starter package at $7.80/user/month to custom-designed enterprise solutions.

Small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations are currently transitioning to Google Workspace to enhance communication and collaboration. Perhaps it’s time for your small business to embrace change. Ask us if Google Workspace is the right solution for you and your team.


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