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Have laptop, ready to join the remote worker scene?

Technology is constantly changing and consequently we find ourselves striving to keep abreast with new and emerging trends to meet the needs of our clients. Anecdotally, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of our customers who have adopted or are planning to embrace the new gig economy and adopt a remote worker lifestyle. Software such as Skype, Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 are designed specifically for collaboration and communication over networked computers. Even social media darling, Facebook has embraced the change with the introduction of Workplace by Facebook. Home offices are now commonplace and co-working office spaces are on the rise.

Remote Workers

It’s interesting to note that last week alone we connected with and provided IT support to customers in Australia, Europe, Mexico and northern Alberta. Perhaps long, frustrating commutes, the allure of the home office or better yet a zest for travel has sparked the trend. Whatever the root cause we are confident we can provide IT support and recommendations to aid your quest for a remote office and the changing business culture.

Remember, remote computer support is just a click away! Happy travels.


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