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Hey Google

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Need a helping hand to get you through the day? It’s time to meet your Google Assistant! Ready to help, wherever you are, this hard-working virtual assistant packs a punch. Begin with a simple, “Hey Google” to receive step by step recipes, listen to music or to check your calendar.

Your assistant can help you with:

  • Google Maps

  • Translations

  • Unit Conversions

  • Sports Facts

  • Restaurant Recommendations

  • Reminders

  • Weather Updates

  • Hands-Free calling

  • Hands-Free Texting and more

…the list is endless.

bulldog in a bed of wildflowers with a text bubble that reads Hey Google

To begin, simply touch and hold the home button on your eligible Android phone or download the Google Assistant app. Of course, the Assistant isn’t confined to your smartphone, you can also find it on smart speakers, smartwatches, headphones and tablets. Consider linking third-party hardware and software to expand functionality.

Fond of a routine? Your Google Assistant is on board! For example, with the Good Morning Routine, your assistant can:

  • Turn off silent mode

  • Adjust your lights, thermostat and other smart devices

  • Provide a weather update

  • Play the news and share traffic updates

All you need to do is sit back, relax and drink your coffee. And while you savour that cup of java, your Google Assistant will boost your spirits. Just say, “tell me something good,” and soon you will be listening to an uplifting news story to begin your day. For example, did you know that according to Animal Planet, research shows that the majority of dogs can understand up to 165 words.

Hey Google - thanks!


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