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12 Little Tricks to Make Your Home Office More Secure

There’s a new workforce in town and they are wearing pajamas. Of course, we are referencing today’s remote workforce. While working from home has certain perks, when it comes to cybersecurity, network administrators around the world are definitely concerned. A recent study conducted by Tenable Cloud Security found 74% of organizations attribute recent cyber attacks to remote work tech vulnerabilities.

women in pajamas working from home at kitchen table

It’s time to take action!

Implement these home network security strategies and reduce the risk of a cyberattack:

  • Update your router and wi-fi

  • Keep your software updated

  • Remove bloatware and remove any apps you no longer use

  • Don't keep factory-default configurations

  • Change default passwords and usernames

  • Use secure passwords and avoid using the same password in more than one place

  • Lock your screen when you’re away from your computer especially if you have younger children or adventurous cats at home

  • Backup your data consistently

  • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication for online accounts, especially for payment portals

  • Complete an inventory. Take stock of all the technology you use - mobile phones and smart devices, computers, tablets, Wifi networks and put safeguards in place

  • Consider turning off Bluetooth or Wifi when not in use

  • Isolate work computers. Consider a second device for family use.

  • Trust your Gut - beware of phishing scams

For further information or assistance creating a secure home workspace give us a call.

Support is just a click away, and for the record on occasion you may catch us in our PJ’s too.


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