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How Many Tabs Do you Have Open?

Are you concerned about your phone or iPad’s battery life? Starting to notice poor performance? Ask yourself this one question - how many tabs do I have open? Chances are, if you are like the majority of users (ourselves included) you have no idea!

Let’s backtrack a minute and explain exactly what we mean by tab. When you are performing a search on your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) a tab will open at the top of your page revealing your search results. This tab is the clickable area at the top of a window that shows another page or area. When a tab is clicked, the tab's contents are shown, and any other open tabs are hidden.

Tabs allow you to easily switch between options in a program, separate documents, or web pages. Unfortunately, having numerous tabs open in your browser can slow down your mobile device because each open tab consumes your system’s short term data storage. You might begin to notice that your apps are running more slowly or lagging, or your phone might become hot to touch and your battery may drain quickly.

Fortunately, we have a simple solution that doesn’t involve manually closing each individual tab.

iPhone users can update a setting to configure Safari tabs to close automatically:

  • Open your iPhone settings app

  • Scroll down and tap Safari

  • Scroll down and tap Close Tabs

  • Select whether you want tabs to automatically close after one day, one week or one month

Android Users

  • Open the Chrome App

  • On the right of the address bar, tap switch tabs. All of your open tabs will appear

  • Tap more (the three vertical dots) and select close all tabs

Interested in exploring tabs in Chrome? Check out these tips and tricks from Google Chrome Help.

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