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How to Fight Spam in 5 Easy Steps

Frustrated with the amount of spam in your inbox? Tired of being asked to update your Netflix account information? Worried about getting caught up in a Nigerian payment scam? March is Fraud Prevention Month, so it seems timely to address your spam questions. Together we can work towards a clutter free email inbox!

Check out this list of 5 ways to stop spam from invading your email:

  1. Diligently mark messages as spam. Basically, work to train your spam filter. Email clients such as Gmail will attempt to keep spam out of your inbox. However, should one of the nasty rascals make it through, simply mark “report spam” on the drop down box.

  2. Never reply to spam – don’t click a link, don’t click a button, don’t download a file – just DON’T!

  3. Be careful sharing your email address. Obviously, the more people who have your address, the more likely you may become a target for spammers.

  4. Consider implementing a third-party anti-spam filter. Ask us about our favourites.

  5. Use an alternative email address when subscribing to newsletters or mailing lists. Although this won’t stop spam from arriving, it will help you keep your primary email account clutter free.

Through awareness, you can avoid being a victim. Ready to test your knowledge? Check out the Government of Canada’s Fight Spam Quiz.


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