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Why You Should Focus on Improving your Data Security on World Password Day

Did you know that May 5, 2022, is World Password Day? Created by cybersecurity professionals in 2013 and designated as the first Thursday every May, World Password Day is meant to foster good password habits that help keep our online lives secure. But, why stop at passwords? Let’s talk about your online security and how to protect your data and secure your devices with a quick and easy Google Security Checkup.

This user-friendly step by step tool performs an account audit and provides personalized google recommendations on ways in which you can improve your online security. You can manage which third party apps have access to your account data, check the strength of your saved passwords, review your devices, confirm your 2-step verification settings, review security-related activity in your account and more!

Ready to dive even deeper? Visit your Google Account Help Portal to learn more about general security, including:

  • How to make your account more secure

  • How to avoid getting locked out of your account

  • How to view devices with account access

  • How to review security notifications

  • How to prevent phishing with password alert

  • How to update unsafe passwords in your Google account

  • How to safely sign in on a device that isn’t yours

  • How to lock or erase your lost phone or computer

  • Discover when Google might send you a text message

  • How to use Google Play Protect to help keep your apps safe and your data private

  • How to block or unblock an account

  • How to import passwords into your Google Account

  • How to save, manage and protect your passwords

Let's get started! Follow the Google Account Security Checkup Link.

Need a little bit of extra support? Remote tech support is just a click away.


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