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Is that a Scanner in Your Pocket?

Scanning has never been easier! What? It’s true! Granted, if you are office bound or have several documents to scan the “old-school” flatbed dedicated scanner is the way to go, but for those of you working on the road, your smartphone will easily double as a scanner. Naturally, companies like Apple and Google are thrilled to see mobile users embrace computing on the go. Consequently, mobile printing and scanning is a natural and welcome evolution for the mobile workforce.

Photo credit: Unsplash Mikaela Shannon

Interested in learning how to increase your mobile productivity? Well, you guessed it … there’s an app for that! Here are a few to mobile scanning apps we recommend:

  • Turboscan

  • ScannerPro

  • Genius Scan

  • CamScanner Free

  • Prizmo

Not to be overlooked, Google Drive for Android comes with a built-in scanning tool which easily converts scans to .pdf documents.

Receipts, checks, agreements and paper documents – you are simply a few taps away from the perfect scan.


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