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January is National Clean Out Your Computer Month

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Embracing a new year and resolving to exercise more, lose weight, and learn a new skill are time honoured new year’s resolutions that you have likely embraced at some point in your past. This year, we propose you consider adding a tech resolution that is easy to keep! January has been officially declared National Clean Out Your Computer Month. What could be more fun, or an easier resolution to keep?

How you ask? It’s simple.

  • Backup – before you dive into your decluttering mission, run a complete backup. This will prove invaluable should you accidentally delete an important file or folder.

  • Organize your documents by implementing a logical naming and archiving system. Additionally, consider decluttering your desktop by placing desktop files in their appropriate folders.

  • Simplify – delete what you don’t need! After reviewing your files and adopting a logical naming system, you will likely be left with documents you don’t need. At the bare minimum move old files to an alternative archival drive.

  • Organize your email – do you honestly need 1,197 active emails in your inbox? Implement a well thought out folder system, organize relevant email and delete messages you don’t need.

  • Delete your cookies. Consider doing this in the kitchen as well if weight loss is also on your resolution list.

  • Empty your recycle bin.

  • Delete temporary files.

  • Uninstall programs you are no longer using.

  • Review your passwords and consider adopting a password manager.

  • Delete unused bookmarks.

  • Finally, grab a duster! You may be surprised to learn that dirt and dust on and in your computer can have a significant impact on performance. Turn off your machine and give it a thorough dusting.

These simple steps will help improve your computer’s performance! Should you find yourself wavering with your clean computer resolution, RW Networks Inc. tech support is a click away.


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