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Learn to Camp - There's an App for That

In recognition of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Parks Canada has invited the world to visit and discover our glorious National Park System. Global visitors are scooping up their free Discovery Passes and flocking to our national parks. From Haida Gwaii to the Cape Spear Lighthouse, there is a renewed and passionate interest in discovering Canada’s wild and majestic natural areas.

Of course, you can’t truly discover the outdoors without dreaming of camping. Imagine nights under the stars, early morning sunrises and awe inspiring sunsets. Well, you may be surprised to learn there’s an app for that! Parks Canada has introduced a Learn to Camp app. Available from both the App Store and Google Play this app will provide you will tips, advice, checklists, recipes and all the information you need to plan your first (or next) camping trip.

So download the app, grab your gear and get outside! .. and, if we could offer one piece of advice. Once there, be sure to UNPLUG! Canada’s wild areas are best explored “au naturel!”


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