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March Madness - are you ready to dance?

March – that wonderful time of the year! Flowers are blooming, evenings are longer, and brackets are full! Yep, its time for March Madness. 68 college basketball teams from across the USA all battling for a spot on the dance floor! Pop the corn, chill the beer and get ready for the best basketball tourney in all the land! Of course, advances in technology mean there are more ways than ever to get yourself virtually courtside. From custom Twitter emojiis, machine learning algorithms designed to predict the perfect bracket, and enhanced Virtual Reality products fans can immerse themselves in every dunk, pass, steal and buzzer-beating three-pointer!

This year, PC Magazine has compiled the ultimate guide to the apps, devices and streaming services that will bring you closer to the 2018 NCAA Basketball Tourney. That’s right; there is an official app to connect you to the madness! Unfortunately, live games via the app are only available to viewers in the US, US Territories and Bermuda. However, Canadians wanting to get a taste of the heart-stopping action can tune in to TSN.

Interested in learning more about how you can join the madness? Visit this link and get ready to update your bracket! … and yes, it’s good to be a Florida Gator!


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