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Nature-Based Solutions, IoT and World Water Day

Today, as we take time out to celebrate World Water Day, we focus our attention on the importance of water. This year’s theme, Nature for Water challenges us to explore nature-based solutions to the water challenges we will face in the coming years. Sadly, 21 billion people currently live without safe drinking water. The numbers are staggering! Resolving the pending water crisis seems like a daunting challenge for Mother Nature to solve on her own. Perhaps technology could assist?

Enter, DRiY by Ark Labs. A smart water monitoring device, DRiY is designed to learn your household water usage. Primarily intended for leak detection and prevention, the DRiY app will notify you of abnormal water behaviour, such as a leak. Furthermore, the device is connected to your shut off valve, so should a leak be detected, you can shut off the water from your phone, minimizing water loss and water damage. Never again will you need to worry about a burst pipe while you are on vacation!

Taking it a step further, the device has vast water conservation benefits. Because it learns your usage patterns, you can monitor your water usage, and with knowledge in hand, you take constructive steps to reduce your consumption and eliminate water waste. A smart IoT device, and part of an inspired solution!


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