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No Scanner? No Problem!

Are you still storing your hard copies of your receipts, bills and bank statements in a shoebox? You hate it. Guaranteed your accountant detests it. There is a better way! Imagine going paperless, without the expense of purchasing a scanner. Imagine using your Android phone as the solution.

Image of old shoebox stuffed full of shopping receipts

If you are an Android user, you will be thrilled to learn that your smartphone comes complete with Drive Scan - probably one of the best Google features you have NEVER heard of. With the Google Drive Scan app you can use your phone to scan and save documents directly to your Google drive.

Follow these easy steps to scan from your phone:

  • Open the Google Drive app

  • In the bottom right corner, tap the Add icon

  • Tap scan (camera icon)

  • Simply take a photo of the document you would like to scan

  • To adjust the scan area tap the crop icon

  • Name your document

  • Tap save to finish

  • Your scan will be saved as a searchable pdf file on your Google Drive

Enjoy the transition from the Shoebox to the Drive, and remember, if you need tech support to get started, we are just a click away.


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