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Old Dogs - New Tricks: The Changing Face of Technology

Staying relevant, keeping up with industry trends, new tools and emerging technologies is to say the least a challenge. Exciting, motivating, invigorating, and yes, challenging. Since incorporating RW Networks in 2002, we have worked with our customers to embrace and implement the latest and greatest technological innovations.

Take a moment to reminisce. Look how far we have come in just a few short years:

-cell phones got smart

-vinyl came back and CD's went - where?

-Google turned into a verb

-we got Social - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat

-floppy discs, the discman and paper maps became obsolete

-wearables exploded

-Wifi Hotspots connected us

-movie nights evolved from BlockBuster to Netflix

-GPS went mainstream

-we upgraded Snow Leopards, Mountain Lions, Yosemite and El Capitan

-we embraced the Cloud

The list of technological advancements over the last decade goes on and on. What's next? Who knows, but one thing we can guarantee, RW Networks will strive to keep you up to date. Now has anyone seen where I left my charger - maybe there's an APP for that!



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