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Online Shopping? Are you Protected?

Tis the season! Unfortunately, while hackers diligently perfect their craft, many consumers remain complacent and leave themselves vulnerable to ransomware, phishing attacks and cybercrime. Purchasing and installing security software like Norton by Symantec is a simple step you can take to protect yourself against the latest threats.

In 2016, Canadians spent 19.2 Billion dollars on internet purchases and nearly half of Canadian shoppers said they found online shopping more convenient than shopping in person. However, before you fill your online cart and click BUY NOW, learn how to protect your personal information and take proactive steps to stay safe online.

Telus customers will be thrilled to hear that they have the option of downloading Norton Security Online Basic and protecting up to 2 devices at no additional cost. Yep – it's FREE! Santa has arrived early for Telus customers.

Unsure if you have current antivirus software? Give us a call. We will review your devices and make recommendations to ensure you are properly protected.


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