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Our Top 5 Browser Picks

It’s time to say farewell to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. This pioneer and once indisputable leader of “Browser Land” is officially retiring. After serving us for the last 25 years, Microsoft recently declared that effective June 15, 2022, Explorer will no longer be supported, and Microsoft Edge will be the browser of the future.

internet explorer logo
R.I.P. Internet Explorer

Now, before you jump onto the Edge bandwagon, perhaps it’s time to examine and consider other options. New technologies, protections and features make your choice of browser software more important than ever.

Check out our top 5 choices:

Google Chrome

In the red corner, weighing in as the reigning champion is Google Chrome. The world’s favourite browser, Chrome is powerful and customizable. If you spend the majority of your time in the land of GOOG, using Chrome makes sense. It aligns with your Google Account, allowing you to sync across computers and mobile devices. Extensions allow you to effortlessly add a variety of features and functionality.

Mozilla Firefox

Power users and folk who are concerned about privacy protection are super fans of the Firefox browser. The enhanced Tracking Protection framework keeps your identity safe by blocking trackers and cookies. Clean, functional and customizable, Firefox also boasts low memory usage.

Apple Safari

Frankly, Apple Safari works well for casual users, but it can’t compete with Chrome or Firefox when it comes to extra features and customization. It is still the default browser on Apple devices, but we recommend making the effort to install Chrome, Firefox or even Microsoft Edge in place of Safari.

Microsoft Edge

If it has been a while since you tried Microsoft Edge, it may be time to introduce yourself to the new and improved Edge product. This Chromium-based version (yes that Google Chrome version) offers great performance and support for a wide range of extensions. Microsoft has lofty plans for Edge, so expect ongoing additions and improvements.


Recent additions to Opera include a built-in VPN, an ad-blocker and a battery-saving mode. Also built on Google’s open-source Chromium engine, Opera offers a familiar user experience. Definitely the underdog, Opera has a lot of terrific features. However, it has been labelled resource-hungry, because it consumes large amounts of RAM and it lags behind both Chrome and Firefox with respect to cybersecurity.

The verdict? When all is said and done, let personal preference be your guide. Here, at RW Networks Inc. headquarters, Chrome continues to be our workhorse of choice.

Unsure which Browser is best for you? Need support to change your default browser? Help is just a click away.


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