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In GOOG We Trust

As self-proclaimed digital nomads, we frequently strive to blend work with travel. Thankfully, advances in remote access technology and cloud computing enable us to bring our office with us – to airports, train stations, beaches, mountain summits, campsites and coffee shops. Having just returned from a two-week nomadic adventure to Palm Desert (we know it’s a tough job, but when clients insist on on-site support, who are we to argue?) we would like to share a few of our learnings with you.

Connectivity aside, we learned above all else to trust the GOOG. Google Maps that is.

Granted, there are countless mapping apps and travel planners available in today’s somewhat oversaturated market. However, we trust in the GOOG for a wide variety of reasons:

  • Comprehensive – from landmarks, tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and hiking trails, Google maps are comprehensive. And as more and more companies take advantage of Google My Business listings, this information source will only improve.

  • Reliable – Google is constantly updating and improving the mapping features.

  • Location Saving – Google Maps will sync your saved locations across devices. Research your next pit stop on your laptop and view it the next day on your smartphone.

  • Offline Maps – venturing out along the road less travelled? Download smaller sections of the map before you go and your connectivity worries are over.

  • Street View – explore prior to departure to familiarize yourself with the area.

  • Location History – look back at your timeline and rediscover your adventures.

  • Driving Support – not only can you find your route, but the GOOG provides you with up to the minute information on traffic conditions, and goes the extra step to divert you around problem areas.

Icing on the cake?

After driving over 6,600km our return leg brought us home on the M.V. Coho ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria. After disembarking, we revved up our car excited to complete the last few kilometres. As we neared the infamous Malahat Highway, we screeched to a full stop and found ourselves gridlocked due to a landslide across both northbound lanes. Never fear, the GOOG rerouted us along an obscure back road and efficiently navigated around a complete highway closure.

Concerned the app is intrusive? Remember, you can turn off location tracking or implement incognito mode and still take advantage of the full product offering.

Ready to learn more? Check out these Google Maps tips and tricks straight from the GOOG itself.

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