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RoboCallers have my Mobile Number

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Frustrated by Robo Calls, Spammers and Telemarketers? Disheartened by the endless fake Revenue Canada threats to sue for payment owing? It’s time to act!

Mobile Phones

Did you know both Apple and Android phones have built-in features for blocking specific phone numbers from unsolicited callers?


  • Open the phone app

  • Tap the icon for recent calls

  • Tap on the icon beside the number you want to block

  • Tap on the link to Block this Caller

  • When the confirmation message appears, tap to Block Contact


Steps will vary depending on the type of Android phone you use and the OS. Generally:

  • Go to Call Settings

  • Select Block Numbers

  • Enter the phone number you would like to block


  • Display contact

  • Tap on more

  • Tap on Block Number

Of course, it goes without saying there’s an APP for that! Numerous third-party apps work to block both unwanted telemarketing calls and unsolicited text messages. Check out:

Feeling a little old-school? Simply register your number on the Government of Canada’s Do Not Call List. All personal landlines, mobile numbers, fax and VoIP numbers are eligible. Interesting to note that business to business telemarketing calls are exempt from the National DNCL, including personal telephone lines that are also used for business purposes.

  • Enter the phone number you wish to register

  • Confirm the number

  • Review the results

Once your submission is complete, spammers and telemarketers have 31 days to stop contacting you.

In the meantime, remember, if you are asked to pay your tax bill with iTunes gift cards it’s likely a scam!


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