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Shake Out - Don't Freak Out

Today is the Great British Columbia Shake Out!

A day in which millions of people worldwide practice how to Drop, Cover and Hold. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice how to be safer during a big quake, and a time to review and update emergency preparedness plans and supplies. After all, practice makes perfect!

Of course, personal safety and taking care of your loved ones is always a top priority, but emergency preparedness should also extend to your computers and home network. Here are a few disaster preparedness tips for your electronics:

  • Install surge protectors

  • If possible, during a disaster, unplug all of your computers to avoid damage from potential power surges

  • When possible, keep your equipment away from water – windows, leaking roofs etc.

  • Backup your data to the cloud or an external hard drive stored offsite

  • Keep passwords offsite, ensuring they can be used on another computer in case your primary system is damaged beyond repair

  • Consider using earthquake safety fasteners on larger appliances like printers, fax machines and TV’s – remember, shelves are likely to fall during a quake

Visit Shake Out BC to learn more.


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