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Snow to Surf

While the Comox Valley’s hardiest, bravest and perhaps craziest athletes take to the mountains, lakes, roads and ocean this weekend during the 36th annual Snow to Surf multi-sport team relay event, the RW Networks team will be there to cheer them on! We are excited to join the incredible volunteer team and assist with the timing system. Seems like a perfect fit for us – sport, technology and the Comox Valley.

Led by an experienced group of dedicated volunteers, the Snow to Surf organizing committee uses Webscorer, an integrated platform for race registration, race timing and race results. Yes, there’s an app for timing the Snow to Surfers! Versatile and easy to use, the Webscorer timing app runs on a smartphone or tablet, meaning organizers don’t have to deal with laptops or generators. The Start/Finish lines can be anywhere, even near the top of Mount Washington, and results are shared via Bluetooth.

Key features include:

  • Download entries directly from Webscorer online registration

  • Import start lists via XLS, CSV or TXT file

  • Multiple start types:

  • Mass start

  • Interval start

  • Individual start

  • Pursuit start

  • Manual wave start

  • Interval wave start

  • Multiple distances, multiple categories

  • Lap times, split times, relay races

  • Exclude certain laps from total time (transition stages)

  • Handicaps:

  • Time-based

  • Percentage

  • Fractional

  • Age / gender-based

  • Sailboat racing

  • Penalties / bonuses:

  • Numeric or time-based

  • Multiple entries per racer

  • Team scoring:

  • An additional race-within-race for team totals

  • Combine times or points per place

  • Predicted-time race

  • Live results

  • Results listed by distance, by category, by gender

  • Exclude top overall finishers from category results

  • Easy error correction during & after the race

  • Complete tap history for figuring out timing issues

  • Integration with Webscorer results series tool

Developers promise the app is intuitive, innovative and easy to use. Easier than completing the course we suspect!


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