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True confessions! Although, we strive to bring you cutting edge gadgets and tech support, we can at times be called Old School. For countless years, during our vacation time, we have ventured out into the back-country with a simple map and compass, reliant on trail markings, a little logic and if truth be told a little luck.

Recently, we received a SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger as a gift. This wonderful little gadget promises peace of mind, enabling us to notify friends and family of our GPS position, mark waypoints and monitor our progress on Google Maps. Most importantly, during an emergency situation, with a simple click of a button we can summon help anywhere in the world. WOW!

Basically, SPOT works by sending your GPS location and data to orbiting commercial satellites. From there, and we quote our friends at SPOT:

  • GPS satellites provide signals

  • SPOT messenger's onboard GPS chip determines your GPS location and sends your location and preselected message to communication satellites

  • Communication satellites relay your message to specific satellite antennas around the world

  • Satellite antennas and a global network route your location and message to the appropriate network

  • Your location and messages are delivered according to your instructions via email, text message, or emergency notification to the GEOS Rescue Coordination Center

Since launching, SPOT has coordinated 5,048 rescues…and counting! A record to be proud of!

Excited to acquaint ourselves with our new gadget, we excitedly opened the box … to read this:

“There are 510,072,000 square kilometers of Earth to explore. Why are you sitting there reading a box?”


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